Randy Alan Weiss Is Committed to Providing His Clients the Best Legal Representation

Randy Alan Weiss is a Washington, DC based skilled attorney with decades of experience in the areas of real estate transactions, asset preservation, estate planning, business transactions and taxation, commercial & bank leading, government contracts, and FOIA practice. Since May 2006, he is the Founding Partner of Weiss LLP. It is a well-recognized boutique real estate firm in operation since 1981. Randy is a law graduate of Georgetown University Center (MLT, 1985) with an emphasis on closely-held business taxation & exempt organizations and St. Louis University School of Law (JD, 1981). Prior to this, he attended American University and received his BA degree in the year 1978.

Randy Alan Weiss is licensed in the District of Maryland, Virginia, Columbia and Florida. He has four years of experience working in the United States House of Representatives as a legislative staff assistant for different Members of Congress with service on a legislative committee, and two years in the Office of General Counsel of a major defense contractor.

At Weiss LLP, Randy Alan Weiss assists clients with all aspects of real estate transactions such as development, land acquisition & zoning, construction, sales, financing, refinances, and leases. He is skilled in handling complicated titles arising out of competing interests conveying questionable interests, inconsistent interests, overlapping titles & enforcement of questionable easements. His clientele include nationally-recognized real estate trusts, hotel franchisees, real estate developers, entrepreneurs in hospitality businesses and others. Being a dedicated professional, he strives hard to provide the best possible legal guidance to his clients.


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