Randy Alan Weiss Is a Highly Skilled Legal Professional based in Washington DC

Randy Alan Weiss is a well-qualified and experienced attorney based in Washington DC. He has been practicing law for over thirty years, and has worked in a variety of legal cases and contexts. He attended college at Georgetown University Law Center, MLT (Tax, 1985), & at St. Louis University of Law to complete his Juris Doctorate degree in the year 1981. In 1978, he completed BA degree from American University.

Currently, Randy Weiss works at Weiss LLP, a well-recognized boutique real estate firm in Washington DC. His main areas of practice include real estate, business transactions, tax law, estate planning & asset preservation, complicated and estranged issues. He represents real estate trusts, real estate developers, hotel franchises and entrepreneurs and others. His unique style of legal consultation has always fetched him great reviews from clients. At Weiss LLP, he closely works with individuals as well as commercial entities in a wide range of matters including property management, refinancing, leasing and family asset planning. He provides customized legal advice to his clients, which is tailored to their individual needs.

Randy Weiss is licensed in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and Florida. He is former Board member of the Jewish Community Center of the Greater Washington and former special counsel and board member to three different country clubs in Montgomery, Maryland. He is a benevolent person who gives back to the community. He is involved with the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, DC, Jewish Federation of St. Louis, and Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington.


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